Guv Fashion Consultancy ensures that every aspect of your brand presence is consistent, contemporary and credible, so you deliver premium products to your customers. Whether its is the Development of your new brand, or re-aligning of the strategy of your existing Fashion Business. We can cover it all!!

What we do?
We make your vision become a reality, putting in the right Plan, Strategy, Structure, and ensure its success.

We work with our clients on all aspects from Design to Sampling through to manufacturing and business development. We add a strong design narrative to your vision, and transform it into a product that is exciting and innovative…
And that’s just the beginning…. We are about the whole concept.

How we do it?
We work with you to get the initial brief, right then back that up with our expertise into your business. We analyze your strengths, development areas and success parameters such as brand positioning, categories, gender matrix, size curves, shapes etc.… most importantly your market trends and formulate a plan to roll out process and progress. We work with you from end-to-end, so that not only do you have the advantage of a single contact point through out for entire concept, but you get a work process that's continuous and cohesive, with no bottlenecks or breakdowns. We are ahead of the curve in helping clients execute compelling designs that capture the next trend while also operating faster and more efficiently.

Why you need to work with Guv Fashion Consultancy?
You need to get three key things right for a brand to be successful – Creative Design, seamless Production and resourceful supply.. At Guv Consultancy, we believe that Brand identity isn’t just a stand-alone concept, it’s an integral part of your business. We’re here to provide you with expertise and timeless appeal.


Our Service

Branding + Creative Direction

• Branding
• Digital Design
• 3D Imaging
• Brand positioning
• Creative Direction
• Brand Style Guidelines
• Consistency in Merchandise offer

• Research, Selection and Connection
• Sampling & Pattern Making
• Ethical & Sustainable Manufacturing
• Quality Control